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The Manners and More Board and Train Program

(4 week Boot camp, 2 private lessons and unlimited Group Classes)

Our boot camp boarding and training option is for those who want the ultimate training program for their dog. With few exceptions, we only accept one dog at a time for this program. Your dog will spend their time with me and my family at my home. They will receive several daily training sessions and learn to behave in a real home environment. Board and Train dogs will also accompany me on family outings at parks and Pet friendly businesses so they can learn to be a mannered companion in all situations. This option is perfect for the family that wants a well behaved off leash dog but does not have the time to do all that hard work themselves. Contact us today to see if you and your dog qualify for this program.

The Manners and More Complete Private Training Program

(6 In-Home Private Lessons and Unlimited Group Classes)

This program option is for those who want a well trained dog that they can bring everywhere. Your dog will be the envy of your friends and neighbors as they see your dog displaying their excellent manners in all situations. Your dog will sit, down and come when you call him, settle in the house when you tell them to and walk beautifully on a leash around distractions. If your dog has issues with Jumping, Mouthing, Counter Surfing or other nuisance behaviors they will be addressed in this program.

*Ask us about our Off Leash upgrade for this program.

Training Guarantee

The above programs are guaranteed and include a year of training follow up. What this means is if after the completion of one of these programs you later find your dog struggling with any commands that were included in the program we will provide refresher training at no additional cost to you. 

The Good Dog Mini Program

(3 In-Home Private Lessons and Unlimited Group Classes)

This program will have your dog behaving reliably in your home and around distractions. With this option we will have your dog walking politely by your side around distractions of all types and settling on command in your home. No more jumping on people, rushing the door, or acting crazy around the house. This is a great choice for the family that wants to take an active roll in the training of their dog. You'll see big results just on the first day.

Puppy Training Program (2-6 months old)

Cute new puppy but you wondering how to stop all the biting, jumping and messing on your floor. Is your new puppy chewing up everything in the house? This program will show you how to manage all that puppy craziness and start a foundation of good obedience. 

Group Classes

Group Obedience classes are held at Limberlost Family Park. Our group classes will cover; Getting your dogs attention, Loose leash walking(heel) Sit, Down, Sit-stay, Down-stay, and Coming when called. A training collar and leash is included in the price of the class.  

Our group classes stand out by the fact that we will do what it takes to make sure your dog becomes an enjoyable pet.

You can repeat the group class as many times as you like for the lifetime of your dog.

Should you find it necessary, for any reason, to drop out of classes before you have completed them, you can, at any later time, re-enroll at no cost.

You may bring your dog back for refresher training whenever you wish.

Should you need to give your dog away, the new owners can bring them to class at no charge.

Call or text 520-427-8712 for more information about group classes.


Going away and don't want to leave your dog in some impersonal boarding facility? Worried that your dog may acquire poor behaviors while you're away, or that they may get rusty on their training? Our dog training clients have exclusive access to in-home boarding at my home. This is available only to dog owners who have completed or are currently enrolled in one of our programs.

 Dog Training in Tucson Arizona
From the first day he listened to our issues and offered constructive feedback on what we could do to improve our dogs’ behavior while on the leash. His experience is unquestionable and his commitment to the improvement of your companion is inspiring. He goes above and beyond to make sure you and your dog are comfortable with the training and is even available outside of training for questions and concerns. Overall Nate is an amazing trainer with deep knowledge of his trade who cares about you and your pet both in and outside of training.
— David P.
 Training Pit Bull Terriers in Tucson AZ
I have a two year old 118 pound German Shepherd named Bo. I had done some training on my own but Bo had no leash manners and no “stay” Within five minutes Nate got Bo to stop pulling on the Leash! And we now have a very solid “stay” with lots of distractions around. Nate gave me the skills to work with Bo on my own. Awesome work Nate...Thank You!
— Rudy Barajas
 Dog Trainer in Tucson, AZ