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My dog socks was a monster on the leash before I called Nate. She would pull, be excited by other dogs and people, and was very vocal when we would go on walks...By the end of our training Socks was a completely different dog who we love to take to the park...Nate taught us that no matter how hopeless you may think your dog is, you can train it as long as you are willing to put in the work. He gave us the skills we needed to connect with our dog and become better dog owners.
— Amanda Fish

Is your dog not listening to you?

Does your dog's behavior make it difficult to bring them anywhere?

Have you tried dog training before only to be disappointed?

Manners and More Dog Training in Tucson, AZ can help! Click Here to see our programs that are designed to eliminate the chaos and frustration, and help you live with a dog you can be proud of and enjoy.

Imagine your walks being something you look forward to rather than a chore.

Picture your dog not rushing the door to jump on every person that arrives but instead waiting for your permission to politely meet your guests.

Imagine being able to bring your dog to social events rather than being the one family member you leave behind.

Call or text and tell us about your dog or to schedule a free evaluation.

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Nate has taught my husband and I how to understand and manage our very disobedient and stubborn German Shepherd and Rhodesian Ridgeback. With a brand new baby, we can now spend time together as a family without the stress of undisciplined dogs! I would recommend Nate any day!
— Angelica G.
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